Pizza Pen Pals

Pizza Pen Pals

Pizza Pen Pals

Dear Andy!

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We appreciate you. We are currently working on producing a wider board with a longer wheel base. It's in the beta phases. Right now the supply chain is sort of fucked so shapes have been pre-determined for the next season or two. But we are still thinking about you. 

Also, we love your art and exuberance attitude towards life. Your tattoos have been getting better and better! Keep up the good work. Oh and thanks for the pet rock!



Bitcoin faces price turbulence as market liquidity falls, says JPMorgan. 

The liquidity of BTC is determined by how much is available for trade, as the liquidity decreases, the price will be susceptible to large shifts. 

At press time, bitcoin is trading near CA$90,760.00. A solid 8% increase since last Tuesday.

Eth slid almost 8% the other way. Which is expected after reaching a new record high of CA$3,351.00. Up 146% YTD


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