Pizza Pen Pals

Pizza Pen Pals

Pizza Pen Pals

Dear Alex, 

First of all, thanks for writing. We're hyped you liked Jesse's P-Splifff deck. That football shape was one of Jesse's creations, and the slick bottom makes it even more fun - no wax needed (for slides). Hope your ankle is doing better. Have you heard of R.I.C.E. ? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation! The key to a successful recovery. We know a thing or two about injuries. Ducky had knee surgery two years ago but after picking up surfing and drinking less alcohol, his knee is stronger than ever. Remember to stretch before you skate. And drink lots of water. 

By the way, this morning bitcoin hit a new all-time high at 50,000+ per token. This is going to be bigger than anything we could ever imagine. Hold on tight and let your nuts hang! Thanks for coming! 


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