New Pizza grip tape - How To Grip A Skateboard

New Pizza grip tape - How To Grip A Skateboard

New Pizza grip tape - How To Grip A Skateboard

Two new styles of grip tape just landed. Our classic tri-logo and a C&D waiting to happen, the Fizza logo, a flip of Fila's blue and red F. Each sheet is 9 x 33 inches long and sticks nicely to the top of your deck, with no peeling. I would rate the grittiness 7 out of 10. Not too grippy but not to smooth. Just right. If you are new to gripping your board, follow the instructions below. If you are veteran board gripper, get a new sheet here!

How to grip a board 101

Tools you will need: Razor Blade, File, Skate Tool

Step 1:

Peel the paper backing off, but keep it handy*, you will need it. Lay the board flat to make sure you can place the grip tape evenly. Hold your grip tape from each end (length-wise) slowly setting it down from the center, out to the nose and tail. Again, starting from the center, pat the grip tape down, working out the air bubbles. *Set the paper backing you saved on top of the grip tape, this way you can really apply some pressure to the grip without scraping up your hands. If there are any noticeable air bubbles, just poke them with your razor and squeeze out the air. 

Step 2: 

Take your file, or screwdriver, and file down the edge of the board all the way around until you have sufficiently outlined your deck. This line helps seal the grip tape to the edge of your board while giving you a guide to cut the excess off. 

Step 3:

Make a slit in the nose or tail of your board to start cutting. If you are right handed, work left to right, cutting your grip tape from the outside of your deck. Do one side at a time, then rotate the board around and continue. Sometimes, depending on how evenly you placed your griptape, you will have more or less to cut off on either side. This will get easier the more you practice, and eventually you will be customizing your grip job. 

Step 4: Use your hardware to poke holes in the grip tape where the trucks will be mounted. Now put your trucks on and you're ready to rip! If you need help putting your trucks on...I don't know what to tell you. It's pretty self explanatory .

Now you're ready to skate. Don't forget to pick up your f***ing trash and stop leaving it on the floor in the office. You always leave a f***ing mess. Sorry...I got triggered. Click on the pic below to take you back to the online store!



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