Branson Howard's "That Lovin' Feeling" but a horoscope...

Branson Howard's "That Lovin' Feeling" but a horoscope...

Branson Howard's "That Lovin' Feeling" but a horoscope...

I started out writing this long ass story about how when we first met Branson he was the perfect fit and blah blah blah. Now I think we should just save that cool story for the pro board. Am I right??

"That Lovin' Feeling" is a culmination of a years worth of hard work between Virgo Branson, and Libra Richard...

One of the biggest challenges in this partnership has been the open and honest communication. Virgos like to pretend they’re all good, so they’d rather keep issues they’re facing to themselves than talk it out with their partner. Libra, on the other hand, is all about keeping the peace. In order to keep the relationship harmonious, they’d rather let things go than stir up a fight.

Despite their differences, these two have made it obvious that talking about each other's problems is much more effective for both parties, than just storing them away. If they can remain objective and keep communicating, which they both love to do as Libra is an Air sign and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, this relationship can work out very well.”

Overall astrologically, Virgo and Libra are considered to be an OK match. They’re different personality-wise, but they have already learned how to deal with each other’s quirks early on. And, they are two of the most giving signs in the zodiac. If they keep the lines of communication open, they can make each other happy for a long time.



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